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About Us

I've always loved music. From the first record I paid for with my own money ("Kookie, Kookie - Lend Me Your Comb" by Edd Brynes), I was hooked. My collection grew and diversified through the years as I sought out all that was different as well as the current fads.

In high school (around 1968), I discovered FM and so-called "Underground Radio." I listened to WNEW-FM, WABC-FM (later became WPLJ) and other commercial stations as well as great college/community stations: WPKN, WBAI and my favorite in those days - WYBC, the college radio station for Yale University. They had some great shows and great DJs for a college station. I first heard Firesign Theatre, Blind Faith, Frank Zappa and many others on a late night show called "Diversions." I discovered Jazz on a show called "Afro-Blue."

Some of the DJs I remember from WYBC at the time were Gordon Winegarth, Malou, my favorite - Mitch Kapor, who after his DJ years at WYBC went on to found the Lotus Development Company - not bad for a dopey DJ!

While in college, I helped construct the on-campus radio station WNHU and hosted a weekly folk show for several years. Filling in for other DJs, I also expanded my horizons with all varieties of available sound.

In the past few years my collection has grown so large, I must share it with others - in order to make room for new items! About a year ago we started MASK Music, manning a booth at the Atlanta Record Show held semi-monthly. We always try and bring a wide selection to the show, so if you live near, or are visiting metro-Atlanta, please stop by our booth and say hey. I will post the show dates in the forum, and feel free to post any other record shows there as well.

Note: At almost every record show someone asks us where we got our name, it's nothing too mysterious, it's Mary's (the better half of Mask Music) initials!

Thank you for visiting MASK Music. We hope you'll come back often. Please feel free to send your comments and requests for specific music to us at: maskmusic@maskmusic.com

Thanks for Stopping by
Don & Mary Knowlton


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